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Capitalize the first letter of every word in PHP

in this post, we will see how to capitalize every first letter of a sentence, or a name. This post if the 3rd of my serie on PHP useful functions. You can find my other posts about Importing a CSV file in PHP and Export a PHP array in a CSV File. This function is […]

How to make money with a WordPress plugin

Nowadays, WordPress is the most popular CMS. It’s behind more than 25% of all websites over the internet. When it’s been created, it was made just to create blogs. During the past years it evolved and now you can use it for approximatly everything. This is thanks to thousands of plugins and themes available online. […]

I work better between 10pm and 2am

Here it’s said, I’m working better during the night. This rythm can feel strange for you, normal for others. It’s a fact, my productivity is increasing between 10pm and 2am. It’s dark, with a nice temperature and no one is here to bother me. Humans have always been the ones that need to adapt to […]