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Angular JS

AngularJS is a javascript Framework created by Google in 2009. It allows you t create Single Page Applications. Single Page Applications are websites that are linked to an API, allowing them to be really fast to load.
Ionic is a Javascript Framework baed on AngularJS. With it you can create mobile hybrid applications. With only 1 development, your app can be used on Android and iOS, allowing the dev to be fater and less expensive.

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Nowadayss, WordPress is the most commun CMS used. It's over 26% of the websitess online. I'm building WordPress websites, either using existing themes or a complete unique design.

The best advantage of using WordPress is the possibility to customise your own website without any web development knowledge. Moreoever, there are a lot of pluginss, helping you to improve your experience, offering a lot of new features !

I'm also working on building some WordPress Plugins. If you want to create new features or create your own plugin.

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Symfony 2 & 3

Symfony is a PHP Framework that just went over the billino download in September 2017. It's today used alot in the professionnal world. I work today on Symfony and can help you either to deploy your app, on join your team on a project.
Symfony allow you to create APIs. They are programmatic interface, allowing you to plug your services to other websites, or your own mobile App.

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Les outils que j'utilise

PHPStorm Javascript HTML5 MYSQL Angular JS Github Gulp Ionic Less - CSS Precompiler Linux PHP Symfony - Framework PHP Photoshop WordPress - CMS

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