Bastien Malahieude

Web Developer & multimedia project manager


Bastien malahieude , a web development and project management undergraduate student at the Institute of Internet and Multimedia. I am fascinated by new technologies. Web developer in HTML5 CSS3 and Javascript, I create website from back-end to front-end for different customers.

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Living in France, near Paris, I decided to become a freelance web developer. I am proficient with different web technologies integration  such as HTML5  CSS3 & Javascript and all technologies with it :
– SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) helps your website to improve it’s search result on different search engine (Google, Bing…) It grows your website visibility & so on with your customers.
– Responsive design, helps your website to display perfectly in every device(mobiles, tablets, small & larges screens) With it, your clients will be able to visit your website everywhere and on every devices.
– Different Framework (Bootstrap, Symfony) which helps to create faster websites
– CMS (Content Managing system) like wordpress, which allows you to handle easily and quickly all your content.

I build websites for clients with different prefrences, some to present an event, other for publicity or even some big projects. I will be by your side to support you through the whole project , answer all your questions and give you access to a development server so you will be able to see the project grows.

I will create for you a website in compliance with all the rules of the Web. I offer you complete solutions from nothing where I create the design by myself, or with help of a student designer, and the code. I know how to use back-end technologies PHP & MySQL for databases. This knowledge allows me to control the project totally, and to react quicky in case of trouble.
In the end, as a student in this field I have to know every news about web rules and technologies.


Developer & Project Manager

AppartooSept 2015 - Today

Appartoo is a start-up helping people to find the perfect roomate in Paris. In this project, i manage the website creation using Symfony 2 and AngularJs.

Intern - Front-lend Developer & Project Manager

ConvertizeFev 2016 - Juil 2016

Convertize is a digital agency based in London, specialist in CRO. I did a 6 month internship at Convertize as a Front-end developer working with AngularJS. I also helped in project management and back-end through Symfony 3

Full stack Developer

BdrivingSept 2014 - March 2015

Bdriving is a website which helps driving students to book driving lessons. I took care of the back and front office of the website.

Intern - Back-end in WordPress

BaltazareMars 2015 - Decembre 2015

A part time intern at Baltazare, web agency in Paris. I take cae of back-office in alot of Wordpress Project. After my internship, I worked with Baltazare for more than 4 month as a Freelancer

School & Development Teacher

Livementor2014 - Today

Livementor is a startup which allows you to give class through internet. I started in 2014 by giving maths & physics classes now i focus on professionnal formation on web domain (HTML5,CSS3 PHP, Javascript & WordPress)


Hopwork2014 - Today

Hopwork is a startup which allows freelancers to meet companies. I work with this statup and realise different missions for different customers.

High School Graduate

Lycée Alexandre Dumas2011 - 2013

High school graduate of the Baccalaurea in sciences with honors.


Institut de l'Internet et du MultimédiaSeptembre 2013 - 2018

Student at the Institute of Internet & Multimedia in La defense, buisiness district near Paris. I'm learning web development and project management in multimedia domain.
« With Ambition, a lot of courage and work, we can change the world »


Client satisfaction
  • My first priority on every project is a happy client and meeting deadlines.

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  • I’m using the latest technologies for a clean code which follows web standard.

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  • Creation of responsive website, visible on every devices, small and big.

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  • Use of differents techniques to improve search engine results for your website.

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Spanish, written & read, school level.



English spoken & written, fluent.



Indesign is a software for layouting documents.



Photoshop is a software, used to create and edit graphic files



Cordova is a framework, used to create cross-platform mobile applications



Symfony is a framework PHP used to create fast and secure websites.



WordPress is a CMS used to administrate a website without knowledge in code



Bootstrap is an HTML/CSS framework which is used to simplify development and improve compatibilities



Jquery is a javascript framework, it allows faster development.


Project Management

I am currently a project managment studient in web



Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development methodology for managing product development.



AngularJs is a front-end javascript framework used to create web apps or mobile hybride applications



SCSS is a CSS precompilor allowing us to create more structured files and maintain the code easiler



Javascript allows us to dynamise websites



SQL is a database management language



PHP is a back-end language



One of the things i love the most is traveling, discover new landscapes, countries, cultures and see wonderful places on earth.

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