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Capitalize the first letter of every word in PHP

in this post, we will see how to capitalize every first letter of a sentence, or a name. This post if the 3rd of my serie on PHP useful functions. You can find my other posts about Importing a CSV file in PHP and Export a PHP array in a CSV File. This function is […]

Import a CSV file into a PHP array

In a first article we saw how to transform a PHP array and export it to a CSV file . This article is the opposite, it will allow you to generate a PHP array from a CSV file. We will transform a CSV file containing this kind of data:   and return a PHP array like this one: […]

Export a PHP array to CSV, compatible with UTF-8 and Microsoft Excel

In this first article of the series, we will try to create a function to export a PHP array as a CSV file, readable in Excel. The purpose of the manipulation is to have in input data a PHP associative array and output a CSV file that will be downloaded to the user’s computer. For that, we will create […]