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Optelo is a company offering a Marketing SMS solutin. They wanted to offer a new feature to their customers : the possibility to build landing pages and integrate them inside their SMS campaign. For this, they contacted me to develop the solution.

What is this solution ?

The solution I worked on, was a Landing Page Builder. Because theses pages were designed for SMS campaigns, they needed to be fast, relyable and mobile friendly.

Exemple of a landing page for Nestor - Optelo

Exemple of a landing page for Nestor – Optelo

Every page will contain different module, allowing them to be fully integrated with each other. Theses modules are multiples, from WYSIWYG to QR code builder.

Presentation of the Module Image - Optelo

Presentation of the Module Image – Optelo

Theses modules will allow you to generate a lot of features (image,s forms…)

Theses Landing Pages will be sent through SMS. As they are limited to 160 character, the links to it needed to be as short as possible. This is why I created a link shortener system to create short links (such as opt.lo/dXg5Y

To offer a personlised experience to their final visitor, the pages can be personalised using custom parameters. Theses parameters were dipslaying custom content (such as name, birthday…) on their client’ Landing Page !

Google Analytics Tracking

Creating landing pages is a good start. Being able to analyse its KPIs and results is better. It was important to be able to track visits, clicks… I choose to use a tracking using Google Analytics.

Presentation of the statistics page - Optelo

Presentation of the statistics page – Optelo

The use of Google Analytics was to be able to collect a lot of data about the visitors. theses data can be traited afterwards by devices, click, region…

To get all these data, I used Google Analytics API.

How did I develop this solution ?

This solution was part of a more global PHP application. I didn’t get to choose which techno to use. However, I used some Symfony Bundles, for example Symfony, to handle data. The app works using a REST API and a javascript Front-End.

For the Front-end, I used Typescript and compile it. This language allowed me to code in Object Oriented Javascript.


Bastien has been really useful and pro. He understood quickly the goal of our mission. He created a full Project description and was proposition maker. His work is clean, visually and technically. We are really happy about his work
Yann Andrianasoloarijaona – Chef de projet

Optelo offers an inovative service to their customers. Allowing them to create landing pages mobile friendly and implement them directly inside their Marketing campaigns.

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