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Scenario, by Convertize i a SAAS software for Convertion Rate Optimisation (CRO). It contains a live website update and a deep tracking system. It’s strength against it’s competitors is a library of neuroscience tactics. Based on cognitive ease, they will allow you to improve your website and your conversion rate.

Based on AngularJS and Symfony 3, Symfony is a web app. With a team of 6 people my mission was to create the whole website update interface and the graphic changes.


Scenario is based on AngularJS & By Google. As a front-end developer, I worked mostly on this technology.

When I startd on the project, the UX interface was only prototypal. with Aleksander Gora, we worked on the design and I implemented the whole new graphical interface.

Scenario offers a website editor. It allows everyone to update his website without web development knowledge. From moving elements to change of colors, add new elements…

Editeur A/B Testing –

I worked a lot on this editor especially the element selector, the style transformations.

A Website like Scenario is collecting a lot of data that need to be shown to the final user.

Screenshot of the reults page – Convertize

I created the whole result pages to have a visual representation of data, using graphics.

I hide an easter egg on the login page. Try to log in with

Symfony 3

As a Front-end Developer, I worked mostly on the AngularJS part. However, I was able to work a little bit on the back-end as it was made with Symfony 3. I worked on delivering the unit tests.

Project Management

On this project, we were a team of 7 people (1 Designer, 3 Front-end and 3 Back-end developers). During the project, the Lead developer, who was managing the project left the company. He’s been replaced by someone else. During this transition period, I took care of the project and managed everything so that the new lead was able to take it back.

Digital Marketing and CRO

Convertize is a digital agency, specialised in Neuroscience and Convertion Rate Optimisation (CRO). Scenario, was completly build in this goal. During my whole mission, I worked closely to the CRO team and learned a lot about it.


Exemple of Neuroscience Tactic available on Scenario

Moreover, I worked with the writers and graphic designer of the tactic. I also took care of implementing everything in the software.


Bastien Provided Quality Work, thanks to his technical skills and willingness to help.
Corinne Yao – Directrice des ressources humaines


Today, Scenario is live since October 2016. It’s full of features such as predictive notifications or a deep personalisation of the final website. It’s one of the A/B testing tool you need to keep in mind !

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