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Dunforce is a fintech start-up. Based in Barcelona, it offers a SAAS Service to otomate the invoice collection.Every company send invoices and nowadays, 50% f them are paid late. Dunforce allow this companies to structure theirs invoice collection. This automation reduces errors and allows companies to reduce theirs DSO.

Dunforce is targeting 2 markets : Small companies (10 – 50M€ of turnover) and big companies.

In their Marketing strategy we decided link Inbound, Maketing automation and Cold E-mailing.

Inbound Marketing

This strategy was based on white paper creation by Valentin Decker. Each of theses White paper follow a different theme (Small growing companies, subcontractors…). Their goals was to educate Dunforce’s target about the issues they face and existing solutions.
This content was released through different communication channels : Advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, Adwords…) a newsletter every 15 days and social media posts.

Linkedin Ad for the whitepaper “La RPA, Révolution des sociétés de Factoring”

Theses white papers were sometimes written with partners, to gain with their reputation and visibility.

In this inbound Marketing Strategy, I took care of handling all the communication channel, from creating the ads to handling the audiences. I also designed the whole graphical content used in the ads. I managed the Landing pages creation via Hubspot.

This content was also promoted via Marketing Automation.


Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a way to automate marketing actions according to your leads’ actions. For example, send an e-mail when a user visit a page, send him reminder about an abandoned cart…

At Dunforce, we worked on a full strategy of Lead Nuturing and Lead scoring.  

Marketing Automation Schema on Agile CRM

when a user fill-up a forrm, he is put in a 5 emails loop, sending them content that can interest him.

Marketing Automation has been put in place for new visitors and also the ones targetted by Cold E-mailing.


Web Scrapping & Cold-Emailing

Excel file, Result of a web scrapping

Web scrapping is a Growth Hacking technique, allowing us to get e-mail address of targeted contacts, extracting data from websites. At Dunforce we worked in a weekly basis of identifying the target getting the data and creating an e-mail campaign.
Before the campaign, we identified the target, from a list of potential interested sectors. I tok care of getting the company’ data (website, name of the CEO, CFO…) through different means (Linkedin,…). With theses data and using, I got automatically the contact email addresses.

We created 5 E-mails answering the sector’s issues. Theses e-mail weren’t maid to sell the product but to present the issues that the company is facing.

Theses Marketing strategies are the ones we created while I was working at Dunforce. They allow the company to grow in terms of visitors and leads.


Bastien is a talented Growth-hacker. Between technique, problem solving and Marketing. Bastien is engaged and a proposition maker. He will carry your project as his. I recommend Bastien
Thibaud Petitdemange – Directeur commercial & Marketing

Every company is different, every solution is unique. Marketing is a permanent test. At Dunforce, after 6 month of testing, we finally found a solution allowing us to reach our target and objectives. This solution is a mix between inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation and cold e-mailing. However, we’re always working to improve it and every day it’s getting better.

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