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Appartoo is a website allowing you to find new roomates. its USP is to do a matching between profiles, allowing them to find good mates. They contacted me so I can work on the V2 of their website. It will be build with Symfony 3 as back-end and. It will be linked to a mobile app (Android and iOS) and a front-end made with AngularJS.



The app Front-end is based on AngularJS. I took care of the structure of this Angular app. I also worked on the first part of the front-end. Developped for an international deployment, this website uses ng-translate, to handle traductions.


Symfony 3

Back-office needs to be unique, for the website and the mobile apps. It’s also the reason why we started n using Symfony with API Platform. This tool will allow you to create REST Hypermedia API really easilly.

Appartoo Search

Screenshot of the research Page – Appartoo

The biggest challenge about this app was handling the whole search, for a correct matching. For this, we’ve first on the search with ElasticSearch. The matching algorithm uses different users criterias to find related profiles. On this project I worked mostly on the Front-End, however in the middle of the project, I started working on the API.

Gestion de Projet

Enrolled as a Front-End developer on this project, I soon started to take a more managerial position. As the team was growing, they needed someone to handle the project and the teams. Using Agile method, we used 1 week development sprints. During theses sprints, SMART objectifs were fixed for every develper. This method allows us to put the website online during august 2017.


Appartoo is a start-up that would like to revolutionize the search of roomates. Its matching sythem allow a search, not only for a room, but also a place to live in peace. This project has a lot of potentiel !

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