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Swiss Take Away is a foodtech start-up from Switzerland. They offer a booking service for restaurant. They also offer Take Away or Delivery options for restaurants and Catering services. Its goal is to be the Swiss reference about online food booking.


Swiss Take Away’s website is build with WordPress. It’s also using WooCommerce and WC Vendors plugins. I worked no multiple missions with them. First of all on the MVP version. We used the WordPress theme strorefront for a fast development and get a fully functionnal interface.

Design Update

We worked on the full graphic design creation.

Screenshot : Before/After – Swiss Take Away website

Working with Marion Fourdrinois. As a graphic and UX Designer, she worked on the whole website design. Then, I worked on the whole integration

This work was interesting because we really took care of the user experience. I used Ajax to avoid reloading pages so the website seems fluid.

Digital Marketing

Swiss Take Away has a double target fr its website. As a Marketplace, it needs to convince, not only restaurants to offer them theirs services but also customers for the restaurants. The Marketing strategy was completly different according to the types of customers. We created 3 distincts strategies ;


SEO is useful for a long term vision. Moreover, this is work that needs to be thought starting the website. The advantage of a website like Swiss Take away, is that it contains a lot of content. Restaurant and caiterers. This content grows everyday, updating SEO. We also created landing pages to promote services according to the different localities available.

Landing Page – Catering in Geneva

At the end, the website has a blog full of advices for restaurants, helping them to start-up or handle their digital image. SEO work was done for B2C customers.

Inbound Marketing & WhitePaper

For its digital strategy the company offers white papers related to its target. Theses White papers are available directly on the website. Inbound Marketing is mostly  done for B2B customers.

Take a win

The “Take a win” program is a referral program, used by Swiss Take Away. They propose to theirs B2C customers to present Swiss Take Away to their favorite restaurants. If the restaurant is registering, a CHF20 discount is offered to the customer.


Bastien is a qualified Freelence, actif and doing quality work. Agility and understanding are his assets. Morever, he’s always available and reactif.
Marc Bovet – CTO

Swiss Take Away is expanding is Switzerland and explores new markets (France, Spain…) They focus their activities on Marketing and finishing the design updates.

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