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Appartoo is a website allowing you to find new roomates. its USP is to do a matching between profiles, allowing them to find good mates. They contacted me so I can work on the V2 of their website. It will be build with Symfony 3 as back-end and. It will be linked to a mobile app […]

Swiss Take Away

Swiss Take Away is a foodtech start-up from Switzerland. They offer a booking service for restaurant. They also offer Take Away or Delivery options for restaurants and Catering services. Its goal is to be the Swiss reference about online food booking. WordPress Swiss Take Away’s website is build with WordPress. It’s also using WooCommerce and WC […]


  Dunforce is a fintech start-up. Based in Barcelona, it offers a SAAS Service to otomate the invoice collection.Every company send invoices and nowadays, 50% f them are paid late. Dunforce allow this companies to structure theirs invoice collection. This automation reduces errors and allows companies to reduce theirs DSO. Dunforce is targeting 2 markets […]


Tradelab is a french Start-Up specialised in RTB (Real Time Bidding) and online advertising. Expanding and reaching new markets, they conacted me so I can take care of creating and handling their new website. WordPress Tradelab already had a website based on WordPress. It’s normal thet they wanted to keep this platform for their new website. WordPress […]